Garcinia Cambogia is a plant extract that is used in weight management. The extract manages body weight by acting as an appetite suppressant and by increasing fat metabolism in body tissues. Here are FAQs about Garcinia cambogia:

Q: Where does Garcinia Cambogia come from?

A: Garcinia cambogia also known as tamarind fruit traces its origin in Asia and parts of India where it is used as food. Garcinia cambogia property of weight management has been proven after undergoing a number of clinical trials. For this reason, its effectiveness in weight loss is being recognized by food nutritionists and diet experts.

Q: How does Garcinia cambogia works?

A: Clinical trials show that Garcinia cambogia extract contains active ingredients such as Hydroxycitric Acid (HCA) which make the supplement effective in weight loss. First, HCA compound suppresses appetite decreasing the amount of calories consumed per serving. This leads to weight loss since the body metabolism turns to the stored fat to produce the required energy. HCA compound also prevents the conversion of excess carbohydrates to fats. This is important since accumulation of fat in tissues is halted.

Q: Any side effects associated with Garcinia cambogia?

A: Through a number of clinical trials and scientific research, it has been confirmed that pure Garcinia cambogia supplement when taken at a reasonable quantities has no side effects. The main reason for no documented side effects is because Garcinia Cambogia supplement is obtained from a tamarind fruit which for many years has been used in Asian and Indian kitchen as food. This therefore means that taking the right dosage and proper diet will produce no side effects. However, it is important to avoid counterfeit products of impure Garcinia Cambogia since they may have additional additives, fillers and binders that may affect the body once used.

Q: Who should not take this extract?

A: Children under the age of 10 years, breastfeeding and pregnant mothers should first seek consultation with their health care providers. Additionally, individuals under medications should consult their doctors before using Garcinia cambogia extract. This is because the extract works mainly by suppressing appetite.

Q: How do I use Garcinia cambogia?

A: This is an important question one need to ask for effective results. The usage of this extract strictly needs to be followed as prescribed by the pharmacist to avoid instances of under- or overdose. Additionally, the recommended dosage should be taken at least an hour before taking the meal so as to reduce food cravings and appetite. However, it is still okay to take the extract an hour after having a meal.

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